Toll Milling Agreement

Manufacturing-to-labour agreements must be tailored to the facts of each case. However, certain elements should be present in all cases. The list below also contains a few items that may be suitable for some, but not all, agreements. Scorpio Gold announced that it has signed a toll agreement with Lode-Star Mining for the processing of ore in its goldwedge mill with a 363 tons per day. Vancouver, B.C/ TheNewswire/September 1, 2016 – CMC Metals Ltd. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company and Pruett-Ballarat Inc. (“PBI”), the company`s mine operator and joint venture partner located in the Radcliff Mine concession area, have jointly signed a Golderz toll agreement with Klondex Mines Operations Inc. (“Klondex”) on behalf of their joint venture (“the JV”). The renewable agreement on the purchase and sale of gold ore allows Klondex to process up to 6,000 small tons (“tons”) of oxidized gold rock, delivered until December 1, 2016 in batches of 1500 tons at its ore processing mill located at the Midas mine in Elko County, Nevada: the agreement allows for the processing of a first small “test box” of Radcliff mineralized rock (approximately 500 tons). A raw manufacturing contract protects the company from theft of trade secrets or intellectual property with the design of the product.

It also prohibits the manufacturer from using the design of the product to compete with them. Finally, to protect trade secrets or intellectual property, a wage labor agreement restricts the manufacturer`s employees and contractors. Q: I asked a production site to make my widget. I did not insist on a wage labour agreement. One of their employees discovered a way to improve the product and reduce manufacturing costs. Can I write a retroactive manufacturing agreement so that the progress belongs to me? Once the flotation cycle is added, the Goldwedge mill will be able to process both carbonaceous and sulfid ores, with greater availability of hand mills and improved extraction rates for any future transformation of the goldwedge deposit. Q: Does a toll agreement prevent theft? In any situation where intellectual property or trade secrets are at risk of being stolen, a wage manufacturing agreement is a good idea. It clearly limits the expectations and responsibilities of the parties, reducing the potential for future litigation. A: You can write any agreement you want. The problem is more, can you encourage an employee or a manufacturer to sign it a posteriori? The answer is, no, in this situation, you can`t get anyone to sign their rights. A: Yes, if you want to set requirements for the production site in terms of safety, training and data management and/or product control.

Confidentiality agreements are a good start, but they are not starting to cover the topics contained in a contract employment contract. Both must be used if you manufacture some or all of the product that includes intellectual property or trade secrets outside of the site. Lode-Star Mining Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a toll milling agreement between Scorpio Gold Corporation`s subsidiary, Goldwedge LLC. The agreement allows for the processing of ore delivered by Lode-Star`s Goldfield Bonanza project to Scorpio Gold`s Goldwedge mill with a 400 t per day in Manhattan, Nevada. . . .

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