Silicon Valley Bank Deposit Account Control Agreement

All texts, videos, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photos, trademarks, logos, sounds, works of art and computer codes, including, but not limited, to the design, structure, “look and feel” and arrangement of content available on the site (“Contents”) are the property, controlled or granted by us or ourselves, and are protected by commercial presentations, copyright laws, patents and trademarks as well as various other intellectual rights and intellectual rights. The content and site are owned by the company and/or its licensees and suppliers (including owners, landlords, owners, sellers, buyers, agents, brokers, multiple list services, contractors, service providers, content providers, suppliers and others) (all “licensees and suppliers”). Unless expressly stated in these Terms of Use, no part of the website or content may be copied, reproduced, re-signed, published, publicly displayed, translated or disseminated in any way. Subject to limited rights for the use of the Site in accordance with these Terms of Use, we reserve all rights, titles and interests of the Site, including all related intellectual property rights incorporated. First bank of startups and VCs. SVB banks 67% of all American startups and 50% of VCs. In our application process, one way is to give us easy access to bank accounts in order to verify our clients` financial information. This requires bank account reporting information to pass our encrypted, secure site. When we receive such login information, we treat it as “beyond privacy” and do not store it in any way on our computers. Our only use of this information is to pass it on to our technology partner Finicity, Inc. via an authenticated encrypted and multifactory connection as part of a single transaction.

The standard on which we measure our approach is that even if our computers have been physically seized, attackers should not have a single set of banking information. Within our organization, any employee or contractor is required to sign a confidentiality agreement before having access to the customer`s information. Only personnel with legitimate needs have access to our information resources and we use the principle of lesser privileges to ensure that damages are minimized in the event of a breach. Lighter Capital`s mission is to help growing companies (“you” or “our customers”) obtain financing. The main way in which we do this is by investing our own money (we are a non-bank, private equity capital, investor). All the information we can collect on a client who is applying for financing, we will use it internally to get the big picture and try to make the best investment decision for us and for the client. This internal use includes the exchange of information between our employees, contractors, lawyers, investors (investors and lenders) and our investment committee. We will also retain and use this information to try to improve our choices and our customers` experience. Lighter Capital and Silicon Valley Bank have teamed up to provide technology companies with early access to borrowing and banking services, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of a start-up.

Reach your next step with our growth capital and undiluted financial instruments. and communications will be sent to you to the email address you provide us, addresses that can be updated from time to time after written notification to the other party.

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